A retraction

Yes, it has come to this. I have written something on the internet, that is not correct. I am referring to my post about the environmental gain of using EVs ( As was pointed out to me, my numbers were not up to date and thus I would like to correct my previous statement. I […]

Are electric vehicles going to save us?

With all the marketing and laws imposed on us, I started to think and look into things. As I turns out, I got an opinion and have things to say! Lucky you dear reader, ha? What are we actually looking at? First up, no one has a problem with cars as such, except for some […]

In recent news

Now, in recent news a well known computer company in California announced they would start scanning their customers phones for shell we call it illegal content. Since many blogs started blowing up about this I figured I should write here again and about something completely different, because why go with the masses…. Software I use […]

Why I still prefer Linux over anything else

And why I don’t run Arch btw… I think most people following this blog should by now be aware that my operating system of choice is neither Windows nor MacOS, although I recently tried both again. The fact I did run both of them again and tried to port my workflow all over again made […]

The search for the ultimate computing experience, Pt. 2

It has been a while First up, sorry, it took longer than expected and I am still not there yet, but at least I have some insight now I am ready to share. Where I am at by now In short, about to give up. A bit longer, keep on reading. The issues As you […]

The search for the ultimate computing experience

What the hell is he about again? This is something that has been in my head for some time now, we are all surrounded by various computing devices, all running different operating systems, supporting different programs and working differently. And frankly that is not a very good way to work, at least for me, because […]

In 80 days around CentOS 8 or faster…

The Background As some might know, I recently took a step forward in my life and became a home owner, but given I am a Linux nut and IT-Guy and the former owner left behind a 19 inch rack, it became clear very fast that a new server needed to be bought and installed, both […]

Thoughts on digital life

My first computer, way back, was a stand alone device, not connected to anything but a printer, mouse, keyboart and crt monitor, it had less hdd space than my laptop today has ram and a single core cpu running at some MHz yes M and if I remember correctly that was a two digit number. […]

20,000 leagues under the seas of docker, part 1

They used a whale as their icon, what other headline was I supposed to use? So call me Aronnax and let’s search for that mysterious whale everyone is talking about. Please do not expect this to be a review of docker or anything like that, my intention for these pages is to serve as a […]

Taking on Spotify, amazon music, google play music and apple music

Well, at least one of them was creative when it came to choosing a name… But before we get started, I would like to make one little remark, this blog entry was requested by two people on At least I think that is what they meant by: “Please blog about your experience”. So people […] All Rights Reserved. Theme by 404 THEME.