Why do enthusiasts hate on quartz watches?

As you can see, accuracy comes at a price. Or does it?

A quartz movement is usually found in cheaper watches, such as Casio, Seiko, Timex and Swatch. For me Seiko is the premier manufacturer when it comes to quartzes, they are well made and they have the technology developed perfectly and James Bond once was seen wearing one.

So how accurate is a Seiko quartz?

Lets look at the Caliber 8J41 which can be found in something like the Seiko Dolce, a watch that one can own for a little over 300€. It is accurate to -10/+10 seconds. Now one could say, yeah a little better than a mechanical Tissot and a little cheaper, so what? Well the thing is, Seiko doesn’t tell you how much their watches deviate per day, the -10/+10 seconds are per year. So it is accurate to -0,027/+0,027 seconds a day. That is rather good if you compare it to the top level mechanical watches beyond the 75000€ price point.

An then there is a sub brand of Citizen, called Bulova, they developed a movement that oscillates at 262kHz and is accurate to -2/+2 seconds a year (-0,00547945/+0,00547945 a day) and can be found in watches like their Lunar Pilot. If you are lucky like me and you find a good deal on one, you can have it for less then 500€.

So why do we hate on quartz movements, except for the need of a battery and the second hand not moving as smoothly as on a mechanical watch, they are better in every way that matters. And if you go Grand Seiko, they have a spring to power the watch and you don’t need a battery, eliminating one of the downsides. Basically a hybrid, but what else could it be, it’s a Japanese brand, they love their hybrids. They do come at a price, couldn’t find one for less then 5000€, but still, more accurate than a Patek and way less expensive.

So yeah, I don’t get it, what is wrong with a quartz?

Is it that they cost less? Is it that they last longer without needing a service?

Or is it simply that almost everyone can afford one and we simply don’t feel special, wearing a quartz?

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