Hello dear reader, thank you for visiting this site. It would seem as if you wanted to know more about this little page on the web and its author. Sure, why not

The Page

This is my personal blog, not associated with any company or anyone else than me. What is it about? Many things, you will read about photography every other time, cars, where it’s nice to drive, how to maintain them or clean them. Hardware if I get my hands on anything new. But most and foremost it will be about Linux, privacy and IT. This is the field I work in, what I do for a living and something I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about. But that does not mean there is any guarantee everything here works or is correct. It is mostly stuff that comes from personal experience, things that work for me. It is not the intention of this blog to brainwash you into doing the same things I do. Honestly, if you start judging everything you read hear critically, even if you are just one person out of 8 billion, I consider this site more successful than I ever imagined.

The Author

So who is this person writing this obscure blog? Well, my name is Wolfgang Kratky, I am a software engineer and Linux enthusiast. Most of the Linux stuff I’ll be putting here is self thought, as for the rest of my knowledge, I went through tech collage in Austria focused on electronics and self thought most of what I know about IT and programming. I worked in multiple fields of IT and on many different platforms, from Microsoft to Oracle over Apple and a couple of Linux distributions, I programmed in C, C++, vb, vbs, C#, Java, aspx and php, with a hint of objective-c and mobile development. So yeah, I have been around the block. What else, oh I am very much into classic cars, skiing, climbing and biking, I do a little bit of amateur photography and am very bad at playing the guitar, but I am not giving up yet….

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