The new (home) Server

By trait I am an electronics engineer, although I have never worked in that field and never will, some of that education still remains with my interests and somehow effects my life. One of these things is computers and the things one can do utilising them. Back in 2016 I bought my first home server, […]

Why do enthusiasts hate on quartz watches?

And no, I don’t have an answer, I am honestly asking. But if you are not familiar, there are 3 ways these days to make a watch (more or less). Number one, a mechanical movement, powered by a spiral spring that is slowly unwound and making the balance wheel swing, providing you with a more […]

The thing about (mobile) browsers

I am not old enough to have been a participant in the first browser wars, when they ended 1998 I was about to meet my first computer, which was in 1999, and I couldn’t care less about who made my browser, or my OS for that matter. What was important was that the computer ran […]

One step too far

My first smartphone was an iPhone, the iPhone 4 to be exact. Why? Well back then I was a young man and my girlfriend at the time worked at the biggest mobile carrier in Austria: A1. She got me a good deal on one of these, or the be more precise, I didn’t pay a […]

Looking back, 2023-Edition

Have I done one of the looking back at the year posts yet? I don’t think so, but this year deserves one I guess, I can’t remember the last year so many things have changed, but I am getting ahead of myself, so let’s start at the beginning. There is no point in denying it, […]

Thoughts on watches (and life)

Why do I keep looking at the homepages of Omega, TAG-Heuer, IWC and others like them, why do I keep stopping at the jewellery store near our office in Vienna to gaze upon the watches they have on display? Every single watch in there is insanely expensive and does nothing but telling the time and […]

The Fairphone 5

And some thoughts on right to repair I am going to start this post with a completely unrelated topic. Yesterday my good friend the espresso machine decided that it would be much for fun to blow a fuse in the morning as making delicious coffee was the same old thing for her (yes her). So […]


Yesterday disaster decided to strike and lucky me, it chose me to be struck. Let me take you through the events. I finished my work day drove home and had some dinner, during which I decided to read a book on my tablet. Whilst enjoying my food and book, an e-Mail notification popped up. My […]

The no headache Linux distribution

In December 2021 my trusty old thinkpad blew up its battery and left me without a good mobile computing option, due to availability and also a bit of curiosity I opted for a MacBook Air with the M1 Arm processor. Up until this point I was a Linux only user and kept moving between Ubuntu […]

The thing about me and cars

I am a car guy, always have been, always will be. I don’t know what exactly it is about cars, that gets me so excited about them, but since I can remember, I always was into cars. In my room at my parents house there still is a puzzle hanging on the wall, I built […] All Rights Reserved. Theme by 404 THEME.