Unlock your stupid bootloader

Dear tech companies, please stop locking the bootloader of your devices.

The second I hand you money and get the device in return it stops being yours and starts being mine. What I choose to do with it is up to me, nobody else.

What OS I run on it is up to me.

What software I install on it is up to me.

How long I want to use the device is up to me.

And it really doesn’t matter what you sell, phones, computers, tablets, hell cars.

I am looking at all of you.

Most manufacturers of android phones stop doing software updates a year or two after they started selling a device with the honorable exception of fairphone, but they also do unlock their bootloader, so no complaints there, but the rest?
What are we supposed to do with these devices you locked down so properly after you decided you don’t want to be bothered by them anymore? Throw a way and buy a new one???

Yes, that is absolutely in the “Zeitgeist”. Well done.

Dear Apple fanboys, don’t start grinning now, because after 6 years, it’s bye bye for your precious devices as well. And in between Cupertino decides what programs you are allowed to use.

Seriously, what the fuck is this???

Lenovo, are you actually planning on shipping a Laptop, that will ONLY boot Windows?? Why? What is wrong with every other OS I would rather use, than the worst ever released.

And car manufactures, what are you people thinking??? 2 years of software support and navigational updates on a CAR? Bloody 2 tonnes of materials?

At least make the entertainment system swap able again as it used to be if you can’t be asked to support your products any longer. For crying out loud, after asking my BMW dealer for a nav update for my 5 year old car, I was told no, better get a new one. A NEW ONE??? That’s your solution???

And for those Tesla owners out there grinning from one ear to the other because you have OTA updates: Please show me how you launch either Carplay or Android out on you car. Out of luck ha, since your Master decided he doesn’t want that in HIS cars…

What is wrong with all of you?

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